Greg was born to fly! He grew up with a huge interest in aviation, after listening to stories told by his grandfather and uncle, about high-flying adventures! He spent countless hours at his local airport, chin on the boundary fence, just watching planes. Eventually his dreams took flight when, at 17, he began taking flying lessons. Since then, Greg has become an experienced pilot with over 20,000 hours of flight time in 131 different aircraft models, all accumulated over 42 years of professional flying; night freight in the early days, then on to Corporate and Airline, Aircraft Evaluation and testing. Greg is rated in 9 different jets and is certified to instruct in single and multi-engine airplanes, single and multi-engine seaplanes, gliders and of course, aerobatic instruction. Keeping it in the family, Greg also taught his wife (Micki) and his two sons (Jeff & Joe) to fly as well. Today, all three of them are also flight instructors. Jeff and Joe fly aerobatics and both are airshow performers. Micki often flies her Citabria or Champ to shows as a support aircraft. Micki serves as the team Safety Officer and Announcer.

Fun Facts:


  • Greg and Micki are both from the beautiful state of MICHIGAN.
  • Greg is the eldest of 10 kids, with 2 brothers and 7 sisters.
  • Next to flying, sailing is our next favorite adventure.
  • Micki’s passion in flight instructing is teaching tailwheel, stalls & spins in her 1947 Champ “Bess”.
  • Greg hopes to pursue writing in the near future.
  • Greg’s “bucket” airplane is the F4U Corsair in the piston world, and the F86 Sabre Jet, in jets.
  • Micki would like to fly the P40, chasing the Zero, with the airshow group “TORA, TORA, TORA.”
  • The whole family competes to boast the most aircraft models flown.
  • All four pilots love to climb above the clouds and “go looking for glories”. A “glory” is a reflection of the airplane on a cloud, showing the silhouette of the plane, surrounded by a perfect rainbow.
  • Our family has been blessed beyond measure in our love for flying and consider it a privilege to be able to share it.
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