There are few pilots on this planet who like to cheat gravity more than JOE SHETTERLY… This guy flat out loves to fly! And since his first lesson as a toddler, perched on thick pillows in a snug cockpit next to his father, Greg … well, he’s been finding creative ways to break contact with terra firma literally all – his – life.

With limited opportunities to fly full-scale airplanes as a young boy, Joe built and flew gas-powered control-line models – something generations of Shetterly boys had enjoyed before him. Soon he was winning radio-controlled aircraft competitions, performing many of the maneuvers that you can see him perform at air shows across North America today. Only now, you might say, he’s got more skin in the game.

Not surprisingly, Joe soloed an airplane at his first legal opportunity: his 16th Birthday. Meeting the FAA minimum age requirement, he earned his private pilot’s license at just 17, while still a teenager, Joe began competing in aerobatics!

While earning an undergraduate degree in Engineering at the University of Kansas, Joe worked as a full-time flight instructor to help pay his way through school.

After graduating, his passion for flying led him to the Air Force where he continues to serve. He was selected to fly his dream machine: the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt II (the Warthog!). While stationed in Tucson, AZ, Joe’s fighter pilot buddies gave him the call-sign “Rifle.”

In 2009, Rifle earned a Master of Aeronautical Science degree from Embry Riddle, and was selected as the Air Force’s A-10 Demonstration Pilot flying nearly 250 aerobatic demonstrations in the Hog!

Rifle is an active instructor pilot in the mighty A-10 and holds an Air Transport Pilot Certificate with commercial privileges in gliders, single-engine, and multi-engine airplanes. He has logged more than 5000 hours in 133 different makes and models to date, with 2000+ in the A-10, and 1500+ as a civilian flight instructor. He has test flown – performed the very first flights – in 6 different experimental aircraft!

Joe hopes that his air show performances might spark an interest in aviation.

Learn to fly! … Pursue your dreams! … Take the shot!

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